1. My friend is a #BlackRepublican. Why does he have Steven from #Django as his screen picture?

  2. I have to keep telling myself this, especially right now. I need make some changes. Even though I don’t want to, I know it’s for the better.

  7. untamedtigress:

    Bring it December!! 😂 #ihearalittleviolinplaying #singleforlife #singleladies #partyofone #single #calilyfe #someecards

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  8. ✋😬 Good Evening ! 😚😂

  9. Happy Monday Beautiful People!

  10. #VeteransDay Thank you 😁 #isupportallourtroops 😘

  11. I went to college & there were no black hair salons anywhere around. I don’t trust just anyone to give me perms, & I want my hair to actually grown. #whatmadeyougonatural #naturalhair #teamnatural

  12. Do y’all remember this song. I always wanted a promise ring, but I was never special enough 😔. Maybe one day I’ll get a ring around my finger. For now I’m fine with rubber bands around my bank rolls (jk y’all know I’m broke #studentloans & #lawschool)

  13. Omw to school jammin to some old school house music! 💋🎶 With my fluffy hair.

  14. Dressed up for no reason.

  15. I didn’t mean for Miley to be doing that, but whatevs. 👻🎃👻🙊 #holloween #happyholloween